Located in Greenville SC

Christ Recovery House is a non-profit organization that provides a

clean, safe, and sober-living environment with accountability. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.

We are not a detox center, a medical or mental-health facility, nor are we a clinical counseling service. Christ Recovery House is not a prison ministry or half-way house. We are a sober-living home and a foundation for long-term recovery.

Contact us for more information. 864-346-0651 or 864-787-3798

  • Christ Recovery House
    CRH of Greenville
  • Clean, Safe, Sober,  living environment
    A clean,safe,sober home environment
  • Family atmosphere
    Home Environment
  • Christ centered
  • recovery meetings
    In-House Step-Study
  • Grace filled leadership
    12-Step Meetings Celebrate Recovery
  • Transportation available
    Transportation to and from meetings, jobs, and appointments
  • gracie, therapy dog
    Grace, Rescued Therapy Dog
  • 21 day program
    CRH Forward House - under construction
  • don foster counseling
    Available Counseling
  • prayer and support
    Learn Growth
Christ Recovery House
CRH of Greenville
We are much more than a halfway house or recovery home. We are a program dedicated to long-term recovery.

Programs we offer:
  • Program Mentor on Site
  • Nutrition Program - CRH has partnered with a local food bank for its residents.
  • Jobs Program - CRH has partnered with businesses in the area to help provide jobs for our residents.
  • Transportation to jobs on our route, meetings and church.
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Full-time staff consisting of Director, Manager, House Leader and Program Mentor.